Hey there!

Welcome to my profile on Medium. For those of you that don't know, this is me 👇

Let's explain a little bit about myself.

- From the Netherlands

- 21 Years old

- I love traveling

- Addicted to cats

How did I get started with writing?

Back in 2019, I started creating websites out of boredom. Blogs to be precize and tried to monetize them, without any sucess. Then I found Medium and started publishing here.

When I first started on Medium, I created Programming and Web Development content, as that's my expertise. But slowly I shifted towards Self Help, Life Improvement and History pieces.

Sometimes I even drop something political.

If you're interested in that, you can start reading some of my most popular pieces:

Editorial Roles

Since I joined the platform, I've always done editorial work for publications like Lessons from History, Illumination, now I do Mind Cafe.

Supporting Me

If you like what I create, you can simply buy me a cup of coffee over here for only $3. But if you like something in return and you're not yet subscribed to Medium, you can do that over here with my referral link.

I'll get a 50% of your membership fee and it won't cost you anything extra!

Follow Me On Other Platforms

I'm an active publisher on many platforms: NewsBreak or Twitter. But also on Substack, where you can subscribe to my newsletter that I'll publish every week and join 1500+ readers.

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