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Here’s Why Macron Will Lose The Election, Or Win

It’s not why you think

Bryan Dijkhuizen
4 min readApr 10, 2022


France’s Presidential Election has started today. Emmanuel Macron prepares himself for the first round of his re-election. His most challenging opponent: Marine Le Pen, is closing in on him in the polls.

Despite France’s important role and position in Europe and the European Union, I haven’t heard a soul about this election yet.

France has been an important player on the international stage for years now, and a change in their president can cause disruption in the plans that the European Union are making.

Le Pen’s Euro Critic Stance Causes Stress In Brussels

Marine Le Pen’s campaign has been a little different this year.

For years and years she has been profiling herself as anti-EU, anti-Islam and that she’s there for the people. The tone of Le Pen has been moderated the last couple of months.

But we know her stance on the European Union. France leaving the European Union isn’t unlikely if she gets elected to be President.

But since France is a key factor in decision-making in the European Union, Le Pen being possibly elected will cause stress in Brussels.

Inflation In France

Le Pen has been calling for governmental support for those that suffer the most from the current high inflation rate.

Currently, inflation rate for this year in France is 3.63%, which, compared to other countries like the Netherlands isn’t that massive, but those numbers can still change.

Le Pen has been calling for action since October. That might be something that voters can appreciate about her candidacy.

She’s always been known as something for the people.

But will these nice gestures be enough for ‘Marine’ to finally win a presidential election in France?



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