I Hate To Be A Wage Slave — Welcome To The Gig Economy That Has Changed My Life

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Bryan Dijkhuizen
3 min readNov 13, 2021


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I hate working for a boss.

That’s it, I’ve said it. I really hate it.

Three years ago, I quit my part-time job at the supermarket in my hometown. I felt really relieved, and now I’m a full-time freelancer who’s also a student.

According to Statista, 53% of the United States population did freelance work in 2014, and 6 years later, in 2020, almost 59% was freelancing. Moreover, this amount of people is expected to keep growing.

Being a freelancer gives you so much freedom. But also comes with a bunch of risks you have to accept. For example, not relying on a stable income every month or ensuring you have been insured for everything can cost you a lot of money.

But more and more, I can see this ‘gig-economy becoming a big part of our daily lives and in the world of jobs.

The Uprising Gig-Economy And What This Means To The Corporate Life

To understand why the gig economy is such a trending phenomenon, you need to understand it. Basically, a gig economy is a business model or way of making money reliant on any platform connecting people, so client to freelancer. So that’s a direct link, not through a big company as it used to be in the past.

I think this gig economy is booming because of the rise of mobility; everybody can work from home now or even when they are on the go like I’m doing now. So I’m writing this while I’m Traveling home by train.

Another one is time efficiency which is also related to mobility; everything will be digital in this kind of job, which means it’s much faster and more efficient.

Also, one big advantage of freelancing is that you decide for yourself when you are working. If you decide to quit a certain job when you’re freelancing, nobody’s having a problem with that. You can’t do that when you’re working for a corporate company.

The last advantage of the gig economy that I want to call out is that everybody can be part of it. You don’t need these fancy credentials or certificates. As long as…



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