Overturning “Roe v. Wade” Ends Liberal Democracy In America

Where’s your freedom now?

Bryan Dijkhuizen
3 min readMay 12, 2022

Image by Mustafa Omar via Unsplash

Last week, Politico shared a leaked draft of an opinion of Supreme Court Justice Alito on the overturning of “Roe v. Wade”, the federal right of abortion in the United States.

In this leaked draft, Alito states that the decision from 1973 should be overruled, alongside the “Planned Parenthood” case from 1992 that increased abortion rights for women.

What does this factually mean for the United States?

It’s not so complicated actually, a lot of Red states in the United States already limit abortion rights for women but with “Roe v. Wade” being overruled, they can ban it entirely.

States like Texas and Florida already tried to ban abortion under the lead of Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott.

Could this be the start of ending liberal democracy in America?

Where Are All The Freedom Warriors Now?

Past two years, we have been limited in our freedoms due to the pandemic.

Whether you’re against it or not, that has happened and all those people screaming for their freedom and “bodily integrity” are not here now, are they?

They’re at the other side of the line.

Morally, I might agree with them in terms of I wouldn’t want my child to be aborted in any scenario. But, it shouldn’t be banned, and everybody should have the right to do so.

That being said, I think it’s wise to inform everybody about the effects of an abortion and what it does to you and your body. That’s just a recommendation.

Banning Abortion Makes It Unsafe

Banning the nationwide right to have an abortion as a woman doesn’t prevent those people from actually having them.

Of course not.

It just makes them unsafe, they’ll find illegal places to do it. We that with drugs and other illegal things. Governments just don’t seem to get it.

Illegal abortions can cause many victims with unsafe equipment and unqualified doctors to do it — or even young women trying it on their own.

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