Stop Putting “Toxic” In Front Of Everything To Make It Someone Else’s Problem

Start taking responsibility for your failures

Bryan Dijkhuizen
3 min readMay 22, 2022

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Nowadays, everything you see is toxic.

Toxic Positivity, Toxic Masculinity, Toxic Productivity, and Toxic Lifestyles.

In some cases, this might apply. But in most of them, I think it’s a solution to not take responsibility for your own failure and blame someone or something else.

I’m guilty as well, I use the term toxic productivity a lot because I think it’s a real issue in the modern world — but this also makes me think about why I call out the fact that it’s toxic.

Isn’t it just my problem?

When Did We Start Calling Everything Toxic?

We can only understand the origin of the use of the word “Toxic” if we get a grasp of when it started getting popular to do so.

Screenshot by Author: Bryan Dijkhuizen | Google Trends

Between 2014 and 2020 we see a massive increase of the word Toxic in Google Searches.

This might imply some sort of collective awakening regarding personal development and self-help, which I think is the most likely reason.

During the lockdowns due to some kind of virus, we started taking care of ourselves again and took self-help very seriously.

Calling these issues Toxic was an easy way of blaming it on something else.

Taking Responsibility Helps You More Than You Could Ever Imagine

What I learned from my mistakes is that you’ll always have to take responsibility for it.

Don’t try to escape it.

If you run away from your problems or issues, you will meet yourself one day, and you’re unprepared.

Face your issues and problems and prepare yourself for them instead of
burying your head in the sand — I’ve done it so many times, and these things came back twice as hard.

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