Submission Guidelines for Short Travel Stories

Welcome! We’re looking for new writers!

Bryan Dijkhuizen
1 min readMar 19, 2022

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Welcome to the brand new Travel Publication: Short Travel Stories.

This new publication is mainly purposed for short travel stories. I’m a huge travel fan myself, and I was wondering why there are so little Travel Publications on Medium.

With this publication, you can send short form stories that readers can easily and quickly read on the go.

We hope to build a community for travel lovers here on Medium!

Submission Requirements for Short Travel Stories

When it comes to requirements for your story, we aren’t really tough.

  • Check your story for grammar error (use Grammarly or other editing software for free)
  • Your story has a maximum of 200 words (referral links at the bottom not included)
  • Your story is only about traveling, personal stories are preferred
  • Use the Travel and Short Story tags in your tags
  • One cover image is required, you have to include the owner and add credentials
  • Use the Submission Form down below, if by some means you don’t get any response — send me a message on Twitter (@dijkhuizenbryan)

Submission Form: Open

Use this Google Form to request access to the publication:

Have fun publishing with us!

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